React Job: Senior React Developer

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Altech Star Inc.
United States of America


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1) Senior React development experience (minimum of 5 years plus)2) Experience with .NET C#/ .NET Core3) Experience with serverless - AWS Lambda

Back-end Architecture:Domain-Driven Architecture- focus on business requirements- enable upscaling for velocity- improves scalability, flexibility and testabilityServerless Microservices- take advantage of the benefits of AWS- high availability, scalability, resilient, cost-effectiveDevelopment Frameworks (Tech stack)- Native AWS Serverless- .NET Core, EF Migrations and code-first approach- AWS Aurora PostgresqlFront-end Architecture:Micro Front-Ends Architecture- reduce complexity- focus on reusability- loosely coupled components- enable upscaling for velocityDevelopment Frameworks (Tech stack)- react as a framework- material UI components- storybook (TDD)