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Pune - India

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● You will be expected to use your Samurai skills to design, forge and improve your Katana Sword
Django-PostgreSQL backend Server).
● Using Docker containers and Kubernetes you will quickly orchestrate your war efforts on AWS to handle
heavy loads of data.
● You will further support Mobile-Ninjas(Android Developers) and Hardware-Ninjas(IoT-Developers) to deliver lightning-fast blows(replies) to incoming requests from Browsers, Mobile Apps, and IoT-edge-AI hardware.
● Along with this, you would have to write intelligent scripts to ingest Terabytes of data in seconds/minutes.
● You will primarily be coding in Python( Backend) and ReactJS (Frontend).
● You will be involved in the entire lifecycle of a project, including strategy, vision, design, coding, architecture, deployment, optimization, etc, and will be chiefly expected to deliver clean, testable, and well-designed code for the same.
● Your training and day to day work will also involve server spinning and other dev-ops operations and dealing with Docker Containers in an AWS environment.

Experience with
▪ Linux, Git, Python, Competitive programming for writing fast/optimized C, C++
▪ PostgreSQL, Websocket, and HTTP
Django or any other similar web application frameworks(Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Spring)
▪ It is assumed you have basic experience of HTML, Javascript, React JS and similar web tools
▪ Network Programming
▪ Microservices Architecture
o Desired experience:
Django Channels
Django Rest Framework or similar tools.
▪ Designing RESTful APIs and Django/Jinja Templates or similar.
▪ Celery, RabbitMQ, Memcached
▪ Knowledge about ASGI and WSGI
Docker and Kubernetes(Important)
▪ Shell scripting
▪ Having been part of a project which involves interaction with a mobile client
▪ Experience with OpenCV is a plus
▪ Exposure in languages like Go, C++, Erlang
▪ Server Load balancing
▪ Database replication
▪ Experience with MQTT or web-socket programming
Django Channels
▪ CI tools
Other aspects:
o 0-3 years of development experience
o Having a StackOverflow profile with a good reputation and Github portfolio is a plus
o People who have a knack to hack things and who are fast learners would be preferred
o Experience with writing unit tests of your code
o It doesn't matter if you’re coming fresh out from the school or college or stuck in a dead Tech-Stack
(PHP etc) or flunked your college. What is mandatory is to have a passion for working in a
fast-growing start-up, learning new things, and owning the product that you are working on.
o Do share any interesting project that makes you stand out.


Experience: 0-1 year

Vacancies : 2

Location: Pune(Includes 3 months training in Gurgaon)
Bond: 1.5 Year

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Up to ₹500,000.13 per year


  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday