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Bangalore - India

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Bangalore South, India | Posted on 08/11/2022

About us

Until now companies across the world, managed their analytical workflow through a number of data tools, for each use case adding one more tool to the stack leading to high maintenance costs and difficulties with respect to scaling. Research shows, companies only spend about 11% of time on extracting value out of their data and the other 89% of their time goes on just maintaining the “Frankenstein” data infrastructure.

Here enters Datazip Software-as-a-service, which is a no-code, scalable, all-in-one, data stack (Data Ops) for organisations to ingest, store, transform and visualise data, resulting in fast data-driven decision making, all without the need for expensive data teams. We are providing Ingestion with 150+ sources, Data Warehousing, Data analytics (BI tool), Data transformation solutions as a whole managed stack.

Companies have more data than ever to activate and extract value. But they’re also approached by a plethora of data tools and service providers for different steps in the process.

Our mission is to provide the quickest, trustworthy and most reliable end-to-end way for a company to extract the value of their data covering all steps.

What sets us apart : Product and our character

  • We have accepted the challenge of solving the problem of data infrastructure end-to-end, not just the part of it and you will not find us resting till we solve this. ( yeah, we are Tireless! )

  • An incredibly consistent culture based on 5 distinguishing characteristics: Persistence, Impact, Passion, Integrity & Fun (of course !!)
    When you meet us, you’ll understand these aren’t just words to us

And it’s working…! Within 3 months of incorporation Datazip shipped out its V0, secured funding and was also entrusted by multiple startups for their data infrastructure needs.

Given the Core deep tech nature of our product, we are on the lookout of Rockstar Founding Team engineers. Your main job will be to get already present best in class open source tools, and modify them to fit the use cases in scalable, secure & observable manner. These tools should work well together as well.

Job Description

Responsibilities :

  • Explore
  • As an engineer, you will have multiple ways, tools & technologies to solve a particular problem. We want you to take things in your own hands and figure out the best way to solve it.
  • PDCT
  • Plan, design, code & write test cases for problems you are solving
  • Tuning
  • Your top priority should be to make system working flawlessly for user-flows from data ingestion to analytics and help to tune performance, including reviewing system and application logs
  • Security
  • Work on code-level application security, RBAC

Technologies :

  • ReactJs
  • Python (Preferred but not compulsory)
  • Typescript (not compulsory)


Benefits :

  • This internship requires relocation to Bengaluru & flight ticket, 7 days accommodation will be provided for your relocation.

  • Internship stipend will be decided depending on your profile & interviews between 20-40k per month.

Job Information

  • Industry Technology
  • Work Experience Fresher
  • Salary 30000
  • City Bangalore South
  • State/Province Karnataka
  • Country India
  • Zip/Postal Code 560102