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Porto - Portugal

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We are looking for a Developer that found himself/herself in the middle of a lockdown and instead of going into a Netflix marathon, decided to learn React Native. Well, if you did both we can also talk about it #overAchiever! Was that you?

If yes, join us at Mobiweb, a Software House / Nearshore from Porto established in 2017. Our specialities are Mobile and Web App Development on native and hybrid technologies. We develop in-house products, but also work with companies of all sizes and geographies, from start-ups like Moomenti (Switzerland / USA) to powerhouses of the Telco and Media sectors, such as Sky (UK).

We believe only Happy People can deliver the best products, so Team Morale is front and centre for us.

We also believe Sharing is Caring, especially when it comes to knowledge. We take in very experienced developers, but also fresh-out-of-school programmers, and we expect everyone to collaborate to reach the best outcomes, teaching and learning.

Our Ultimate Goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives and businesses by developing custom and innovative solutions for our clients.

We are in the Work Hard, Play Hard business. Can you handle it?

That’s all very nice, but what’s in it for you?

Annual salary between €22K and €30K (gross, based on experience)
Monthly Benefits that you can spend on Technology, Childcare, Transportation, Health, etc
End of the year Bonus based on the company’s performance (in 2021 we shared 20% of our profits )
High-quality equipment (You get a Mac, and you get a Mac, everyone gets a Mac!)
Fresh fruit and hot soup at the office (This is the winner in our book!)
Paid time off on your birthday
Health Insurance

Still not convinced. Well, here are a few more:

This is an ever-evolving industry, so we promote Continuous Learning with free access to Udemy
Are you an early riser or a night owl? It doesn’t matter, the working hours are Flexible
️ Work from wherever you want in Portugal (although, we have a fantastic office )
️ If you like Travelling, we might get you an International Project
The mandatory dress code is “whatever you like”
Monthly Get-Togethers and an Annual Big Event
Family Comes First, no ifs or buts

Are you still reading? That’s interesting! Since you’re still here, we might as well tell you what you’ll need to
be successful in this position:

  • You have 2+ years of professional IT experience
  • You have 1+ years of professional React Native experience
  • You have good knowledge of the English language, spoken and written
  • You know Typescript, Type Checking, Unit Testing and Code Debugging
  • You have experience working with REST APIs, offline storage, and third-party libraries
  • You can build mobile applications for Android / iOS leveraging the full range of device capabilities

Got all of that covered? Great stuff, that’s all you need! Anyhow, it would be good if you also:

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar
  • Have strong knowledge of React fundamentals such as component lifecycle and state
  • Can write efficient code that works across devices, with maximum code reusability
  • Have used Native APIs for tight integrations with both platforms (Android & iOS)
  • Understand the full mobile app development lifecycle right from prototyping
  • Have experience working with native modules as and when required
  • Have experience working on large and complex mobile apps

Finally, if you want to shine, it would be a big plus if you:

  • Have experience developing mobile native code for Android and/or iOS (Swift, Kotlin)

If you got this far you are committed! We want to know you, apply today!

PS: Have a look into one of our previous events