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Seeking Senior Hands on FS Engineer/CTO with at least 10+ years of commercial experience.

You must care deeply about the quality of your work, and take ownership of the product as a whole. You are opinionated, but also open-minded to information that might change your opinion.

We’re a dynamic team of 4 engineers from around the world, seeking a Tech Lead / CTO to help take the company to the next level. We both build our own projects and work developing software for other companies. We are now looking to continue growing our tech consultancy business, both our clients and our internal team and capabilities.

The CEO is Australian born of Polish origin who currently resides in Cancun, Mexico.

We have 3 engineers who all live in China and are working FT on various projects, one engineer in Poland and currently expanding our team in China. We have multiple projects in the pipeline and are growing to 6 FT team members soon. I am now becoming way too busy to keep the team in check and manage the growth of the company at the same time.

As we build our consultancy arm of the business, the aim is to bring on more engineers and project managers. As we continue to build out client work, we will continually invest in building out new and exciting technologies, including one such project, which is finishing development of a novel video streaming application that is already 80% completed.

About the team and what we’ve accomplished:
  • We invented a novel patented Video Compression Method capable of reducing data transmission in a video conference by up to 92% that improves the more you use it, without considerable loss in video quality.
  • We invented another patented compression algorithm that reduces a 75 participant group video call from $100 p/h (average cost of a 75 participant Zoom video call cost for Zoom, per hour) down to ~$2 p/h.
  • We invented a new and novel form of communication that aims to revolutionize how people interact with each other on a daily basis
  • We completed web apps and standalone Mac OSX and Windows Applications for clients
  • Successfully grew our team to over 17 engineers, working on highly complex Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing challenges
  • Successfully raised money in numerous business across various different applications
  • Built many applications and worked with many clients and engineers in many countries
  • The founder has built many successful businesses in many countries around the world

Our typical tech stack we build with includes:
  • ReactJs
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • Express
  • MySQL
  • Typescript
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • AWS
  • AWS Lambda Serverless

Other technologies we use:
  • MongoDB
  • WebSockets
  • SIP protocol / Twilio
  • Web RTC + media server
  • Python
  • C++ for Node Package expansion
  • Bitbucket
  • Github
  • Jira

We currently have 3 steady clients, though are super busy and very quickly reaching our capacity. We will continue to expand our team, increasing our internal engineer count. We have a particular passion for projects in the Audio, Video and Mental Health space.

The ideal candidate will want to join an early stage company at the founding level and assist in growing and expanding the tech consultancy firm.

You will be responsible for:
  • coding on various projects,
  • reviewing and managing PR requests,
  • sprint planning and implementation, Jira ticket management,
  • managing tickets on TeamGantt (easy to learn)
  • project managing the client work,
  • growing and managing the internal team,
  • running interviews and conducting coding challenges,
  • attending and leading daily stand ups across various projects,
  • coding both internal and external client focused projects,
  • assisting in growing the company through the scaling of various operations.

Currently I do all these positions though I am totally overwhelmed by them. I am unable to grow the company or take it to the next stage until I find someone who is able to take some of these responsibilities off my shoulders. We will be scaling all areas of the team moving forwards including Project Management, UI/UX design, Development and Product Development.

Position is ideal for:
The position is ideal for someone who wants to join the consultancy company at the early stage and continue to expand the company to be a so called cash cow to fund general living, investments in high growth property areas, though also re invest into more exciting technology projects moving forwards, such as the Novel Video Streaming application that we’ve nearly completed.

The candidate will ideally have a passion for growing early stage ventures, though more importantly for developing very high quality pixel perfect software applications. You will also be required to work at various hours of the day, as our team and clients operate across multiple time zones.