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Gurgaon - India

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  • Good professional experience of React, with libraries such as React, Redux
  • Experience building rich data-driven web applications by consuming RESTful services and APIs.
  • Understands at a high level how front-end code and experiences are delivered to users (e.g., HTTPS, DNS, CDNs, app stores).
  • Understands front-end software best practices including client side performance optimisation and how to mitigate information security risks.
  • Thinks in terms of architecture as well as code. Able to evaluate end-to-end designs for strengths and weaknesses (e.g., complexity, quality, scalability, latency, security, performance, data integrity, etc.).
  • Understands software engineering best practices (e.g. automated pipelines, Operational Excellence, Information Security) and sets front-end software and UX implementation standards

Job summary
Amazon Pay Movies & Hotel team at Amazon India Development Center, Bangalore/Hyderabad is looking for developers to design and build the next set of travel use-cases and products. We are aiming to build from scratch the entire hotel booking experience in Amazon pay, with cutting edge technology and capabilities to serve millions of people. The impact of a change is huge! If you are someone who is excited to work in a start up environment, with enough autonomy to decide the underlying tech stack and architecture that will power the entire Hotel Booking experience then this is the right job for you.

This role will require implementation of complex business use-cases and highly scalable front ends that will serve millions of customers, in multiple services spanning across ReactJs, NodeJS, redux along with adherence to isomorphic design pattern to utilize the advantages of client side and server side rendering for lower latency and faster load times. Ours is a truly startup environment where-in you will be expected to learn and grow fast with multiple exciting features in pipeline. As we are integrated with multiple partners to power travel use-cases, there is an excellent opportunity to learn deep 3P integrations considering security, performance and scalability in mind along with building solutions directly on AWS. We are looking for passionate, experienced software developers who can deal with ambiguity and strive for clarity in requirements and problem space to mitigate UI risks upfront,
who can make the appropriate trade-offs to balance innovative UX with implementation complexity and deliver high quality solutions that support variety of customer use cases and are extensible to handle amazon scale.

We are looking for talented and creative front-end engineer to build and launch brand new mobile and web based platform. Successful candidates are enthusiastic about working with product managers and UX designer to understand needs, propose features, create early prototypes and transform them into exciting end user features. You are comfortable taking initiative and working across teams in a relatively unstructured environment. You have well-honed, insightful architectural design instincts, and enjoy building simple and elegant systems that will scale to support millions of users. You love playing with data and generating insights to help improve our product.
Join us in building an innovative technology using Amazon Web Services to serve the customers by building a cutting edge application.

Key job responsibilities
  • Design and build advanced applications for the mobile as well as Web platform
  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications
  • Knowledge of react, redux and, Java script is a plus
  • Knowledge of algorithms with good problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Partner with other cross-functional teams to define and execute the feature roadmap, and with back-end engineering teams to build robust, well-designed API contracts
  • Write high quality code and best practices.
  • Test the code for quality assurance, debug identified bugs and resolve issues.
  • Support in building, deploying and maintenance of products and services.
  • Documenting product, service progress, status and manuals.

  • Experience building scalable front-end software.
  • Demonstrated leadership in an engineering environment in driving best practices
  • Able to deal with ambiguity. Strive for clarity in requirements and problem space to mitigate UI risks upfront .
  • Make the appropriate trade-offs to balance innovative UX with implementation complexity.
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of using front-end libraries, frameworks, and tool-sets for a given problem space.