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We are an equal opportunities employer and place where everyone is welcome. We strongly encourage people from minority backgrounds, LGBTQIA+, parents, and individuals with disabilities to apply. If you need reasonable adjustments at any point in the application or interview process, please let us know.

In your application, please feel free to note which pronouns you use (For example - she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, etc).

We were founded by Axel Springer in 2018 as a 100 percent owned company and combine the digital activities and participations in real estate, car and generalist classifieds in Germany (Immowelt), France (Meilleurs Agents, Groupe SeLoger, Logic-Immo, Car & Boat Media), Belgium (Immoweb), Spain (Housell) and Israel (Yad2), making us one of the world’s biggest digital classified players.

We also hold Axel Springer’s minority participation in companies such as Purplebricks, Homeday, Zumper and Parcel. Our vision is to serve consumers in their important decisions in life and to simplify not only the search for a new property or car but to also provide additional services in adjacent markets.

This is an exciting time to join us in our ambition to become Europe’s leading PropTech business - helping us unlock everyone’s perfect place!

What we do in the Owner/Seller team at AVIV

The Owner Domain at AVIV group is part of the Product & Tech organization and its objective is to create the #1 marketplace in Europe to support consumers in all their real-estate projects.

Building on local expertise from Immowelt (Germany & Austria), Immoweb (Belgium), Groupe SeLoger and Meilleurs Agents (France), we design, develop and maintain solutions helping property owners understand the real estate market, the value of their properties and connect them with the best professionals to make their project a success.

For many property owners, their property is the most valuable asset they hold and it is often imbued with memories and has a strong affective value, which makes any transaction an event highly charged with emotion.

Our mission is to provide property owners with the most up-to-date and transparent information on prices and real-estate professionals so they can be more serene when managing and marketing their property.

We leverage our data, in-house scientific analysis of the market and our Product and Tech practices to provide relevant quality products to property owners.

The role and composition of the team

The role of the Owner/Seller Tech team is to design and maintain all platform features and tools. It is composed of around thirty people:

  • Front-end Developers (ReactJS)

  • Back-end Developers (Python)

  • Site Reliability Engineers

  • Product Managers and Product Designers

Tech and Product Organization

In order to achieve the ambitious growth objectives, and to maintain our agility in a context of strong recruitment, Owner/Seller at Aviv made the choice to adopt the management method based on the OKR.

To do this, we operate as impact teams: a multidisciplinary team of developers, product designers and product managers.

There are now ten team impacts focused on two objectives. The composition of each team can be modified every semester: this allows members to change team/OKR and to have a global vision of the platform.

To achieve these goals, we have an agile organization (mix of Scrum and Kanban) with several rituals: daily meetings, 2-week sprints, live demos for the rest of the company at the end of each sprint.

We do not have a scrum master or QA manager in the teams (everyone is imbued with the agile mind set and encouraged to develop their skills: you learn by walking). We respect developers' time on the Maker’s Schedule model.

Our Technical Stack

We are building a platform addressing two issues: a public website and a SaaS tool for real estate agencies:

  • Front-end : ReactJS, Typescript, SASS Redux, Mapbox GL,

  • Back-end : Python, Flask, FastAPI, Celery + Redis, PostgreSQL, GCP, PubSub, Docker/Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Algolia, Mapnick

We use dedicated operational readiness time to keep our technical stack up-to-date and experiment with technologies that meet our needs.

Focus on the quality of what we produce

We are very focused on the code quality that we produce. This is linked to the company’s values, which are the quest for excellence and mutual aid.

We encourage teams to make application improvements (refactoring, re-architecture, adoption of new technos (for example, in 2021, we migrated to a new development environment, based on Docker and Kubernetes).

We like to explore new technical solutions during the development of new features. The technical issues are understood and shared by the entire tech/product team (for example, we adopted ReactJS in 2017 for the realization of the new plateforme for real estate agencies).

Tech culture in Owner/Seller at AVIV

We are convinced that to progress, knowledge sharing and closely monitoring technological developments are essential. We therefore regularly organize several events:

  • Hackathons (Internal “hackathons”: team building and bottom-up innovation).

  • A day of culture sharing every two months whose objective is to share around technical or methodological topics, but also to present side projects etc)

We regularly organize and participate in meetups, talks and conferences (ParisPY, ParisJS, Women in ML and Data Science, Managers in Tech, Geo Data Paris, DotJS, APIdays etc.)

Guilds have been created by specialty to share practices around technical and product scopes (e.g. accessibility, database, performance etc.)

We also share our practices and technologies with other entities of the Axel Springer Group.

Today we are looking to take a step forward, develop several new products across Europe and support the growth of Owner/Seller within AVIV. For this, we are looking for brilliant and committed developers.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities

  • Ability to work independently and with rigor. You have a pragmatic approach to things and consider that "Done is better than perfect". You have good interpersonal skills within a multidisciplinary team. You naturally call upon your peers when the need arises. You are eager and able to learn quickly,

  • You have a sensitivity for the quality of display and user experience on all browsers (responsive, speed, optimization, SEO, etc. ...). You have an empathy to the user, whoever he is and know how to understand the technical and business issues of a public site,

  • You have a first experience of development. You have a solid knowledge of CSS and Javascript, you master one or more templating engines, and you are aware of the industrialization tools of a Javascript application. You are constantly monitoring technological developments.

Bonus: knowledge of Node.js or python would be highly appreciated, but is not essential.


Who we are looking for

  • One or more successful experiences (at least 2 years) in web development, among the following environments: ReactJS, Typescript, SASS Redux, Mapbox GL,

  • You are rigorous, curious, autonomous and a team player.

Additional Information

What we offer you

  • A brilliant team dedicated to continuing our quest for transparency in the real estate market,

  • A technophile and stimulating work environment, management methods that encourage autonomy and leadership,

  • An exceptional working environment in the heart of Paris, with some appreciable advantages (remote work opportunities, hackathons, culture sharing, a budget to attend conferences, team buildings, a gym, RTT, company profit sharing, a high-end corporate restaurant, etc.).